I’m finally in Geneva. Well, it’s actually been two weeks since I’ve arrived. And to be quite honest, on one hand I have no idea where all that time has gone, but on the other, I feel like I’ve done so much that it can’t have possibly only been two weeks. Time is definitely a very weird thing. I guess if I have say what my biggest challenge has been coming here, it has to be cooking and the struggle of speaking French. I mean you’d think that as someone who’s been out of home for a year and a half that I’d know how to properly feed myself, but boy, are you wrong. I’m going to have to blame my dad for this, because he always cooks for us at home and I have never had to cook a single meal at home. I’m realising more and more how spoiled I was at home. And I have to say, I am really missing that good life. I hate to admit it but there’s only so many packets of instant noodles you can have before it becomes a health hazard. But also, opening a bank account, buying a phone plan, getting a residence permit – I mean I’ve never had to do all these things before because they were all set up for me by my parents when I was younger. And the language barrier. Well, it’s not so much as a barrier but the fact that I am scared of embarrassing myself when talking in French and not knowing the words to say and also just sounding like a tourist in general. I mean the words just never come out smoothly. But I’m still working on that.


And my thoughts about Geneva? It’s a beautiful city and perfectly sized, not overwhelming in any way. It’s so easy to walk from one place to the other or catch the bus or tram or even bike if you want to. But there is also so much to discover. Narrow roads and quaint buildings in Carouge or my favourite Parc des Bastions where you can sit and watch some Turkish men play life sized chess with such speed and skill that it surely isn’t a game for amateurs. I love being surrounded by so many exchange students and being in such an international city. It’s crazy how much I am learning not only about Genevan culture but about Spain and Germany and Tunisia. Everybody has a story to share, a reason for coming here and I feel so blessed to be a part of this community.