Things I learnt in Prague:

  • That Prague castle is not actually a castle and the thing you think that looks like a castle in the distance is actually a chapel
  • Just because the beer in Prague is famous for tasting good, it doesn’t mean it no longer tastes like beer
  • Prague dumplings are actually Chinese steamed buns

Don’t they look like 白馒头!?

I’m going to be completely honest – the first thing we did when we got to Prague was find some Asian food. Since Venice was a tourist town which only sold the many types of pizza and pasta you expect to find in Italy, there were hardly any Asian restaurants around. And even when we did find one, we had no idea how to find it again without getting lost among the mazes of streets.

After googling “best Asian restaurant in Prague” and then google mapping how to get to “the best Asian restaurant in Prague”, we found ourselves at a Korean restaurant. All I can say is that you know you’ve hit jackpot when there are real Koreans eating at the Korean restaurant.

After dinner, and feeling filled to the brim with bibimbap, we went to see Charles Bridge and Prague castle at night. Apparently Charles Bridge actually has eggs in its cement – something that the king added following the advice of his mother.

The next few days were spent walking around Prague, visiting the Old Town Square (which is where they filmed an episode of Running Man China), walking around Prague Castle and café hopping. The architecture of the city is very unique with little house shaped windows peeking out of red tiled rooves.

Paddle boating in the Vltava under Charles Bridge

The view at dusk from our paddle boat

One of the cafes we stopped at for lunch

Old Town Square

All the little red houses