This week has whizzed by and I seriously have no idea where all the time has gone. I arrived in Copenhagen last Thursday and met Vicky in the reception of her uni and seriously, I can’t even describe how excited I was to see her. We were jumping up and down and squealing and it felt surreal to be seeing her in the flesh despite having talked to her on the phone just the night before. It was crazy to be able to see everything that she had described to me in real life – when we got to her place, she gave me a tour of her room and her kitchen. I had seen it all before on my phone screen but wow, this was the real thing.

That night, we went to Tivoli Gardens which is one of the oldest theme parks in Europe. It was beautifully decorated for Halloween with all these carved pumpkins and orange fairy lights. It felt a bit like a little village with all these small huts selling food and stalls with fairground games. We bought tickets for The Haunted (house) which was terrifying! The actors looked so real and they were coming at you from in front and from behind and this dead guy even stroked my hair. We ended up bursting out the exit screaming and laughing; it was crazy.

The next morning, I set off for Gothenburg to see Sophie. I was spending the weekend there and would then come back to Copenhagen and spend the rest of my time there. Again, I was so excited to see Sophie that the bus ride there felt so long. When I got there, I couldn’t contain my happiness – how lucky was I to be able to see two of my closest friends one day after the other! That night all we did was eat pizza and snacks and binge watch Stranger Things 2 – both of us had promised that we would resist the temptation to watch it beforehand when it had come out a week earlier.

The next day, we spent the morning in Haga which is the old town in Gothenburg. They had all these little cute boutiques, but the best part had to be the giant Swedish cinnamon bun (kanelbulle) in Café Husaren which we had for lunch because it was so massive. At night, we went to Alingsås (pronounced “Alingsauce”) to see the light show. It was an hour out from Gothenburg in this cute suburb and although the light show wasn’t super big and spectacular, the atmosphere was lovely – it reminded me of when our family would take walks around nearby neighbourhoods to see the Christmas lights.

Sunday Funday! Actually, the weather was terrible and dreary on Sunday but that didn’t dampen our spirits. We ended up going to one of the islands in the Archipelago called Dansös. It was a quaint fishing island which was nice but really hard to enjoy in the freezing wind. Hence, we ended up sitting in a café, drinking hot tea and admiring the view from inside the warm room. We felt a bit adventurous at night and thought that we’d cook some pasta instead of eating frozen food again for dinner – like what we had done for the past two nights. We also tried to bake brownies with this pre-bought mix which turned out both a bit overcooked on the outside and undercooked on the inside – something definitely went wrong but I still have no idea where. The night was spent watching musical films – The Last Five Years and Into the Woods – while eating our delicious partially homemade food. And that was the end of my short and spectacular stay in Gothenburg. I have to say that we had truly maximised all the time that we spent together, so much that I was exhausted by the time I hopped on the bus back to Copenhagen the next morning.

Vicky is truly the most experimental with her cooking out of the three of us (which may not be saying much since Sophie and I both don’t cook a lot). Over the last few days, we made 红烧肉 (this Chinese braised pork dish which I have been craving), bimbibap and bubble milk tea.  I’d like to say that she has inspired me to not eat the same dish everyday (aka tomato and egg, which tastes great by the way) and to actually experiment with my food, but we’ll see how we go when I’m back in Geneva. The other crazy thing I did, other than cook good food, was getting bangs! I have been contemplating it for the longest time now – I remember discussing it with Jo back when we were in China, but I was always too scared to go through with it. Well guess what? It’s done now! I did it. I’m kind of in a love hate relationship with it though – sometimes it looks sleek but other times I just look like a five-year-old kid. Hopefully it grows on me more.

Yesterday, Vicky and I went to see the Little Mermaid which was immensely underwhelming. But we all knew it was – I had been warned by multiple people beforehad. But coming to Copenhagen, it’s one of those things you just have to see anyway, despite there being not much to see at all. We had fun though. After seeing the Little Mermaid and taking a quick photo, we walked around looking at small design stores along the street and eating pastries and hotdogs with fried onions.

Vicky had Danish class in the afternoon so I was left on my own to explore. I went to Norrebro which had a kebab store every 200 metres and not much else, so I ended up deciding to head home early. I arrived at the S-station near Vicky’s place pretty early and thought I would have a look around the shopping centre nearby. It got me super excited for Christmas because so many stores had already put up decorations and were selling real fir trees and wreaths, which is something you never see in Australia. Then I went into H&M. And ended up doing quite a bit of shopping, which was so much fun. The irony is that the night before I had literally just watched Confessions of a Shopaholic.

At night, we ended up making bubble tea and dancing and prancing around the kitchen while we were at it. Afterwards, we helped Imogen, one of Vicky’s neighbours, with her assignment and we literally spent two hours filming sock puppets acting out a scene from Pulp Fiction. I must say it was a pretty funny sight.

Of course, every great adventure must come to an end, otherwise how would we appreciate it so much each time. I just realised that Vicky is coming down to Geneva in a couple of weeks and then all three of us will be meeting up for Christmas and New Year’s. There is so much to look forward to.


But for now, back to school and back to those assignments.