Here is a haiku because I really don’t have that much to write about.


The pink hazy dusk

Gondolas bobbing gently

What a dream-like scene

Venice was nice. It was relaxing.

The thing is, there really aren’t many major monuments to visit in Venice. It’s tiny and you can easily catch the ferry to the other side of the island yet somehow end up  walking back home without even realizing it. It is fun to stroll around because the streets are like mazes with many small canals weaving between bridges.

It is a beautiful city. You realise it as soon as you walk out of the train station and are faced with a wide canal lined with quaint houses painted in brick red. You realise it when you are on the ferry and you can see all the hustle and bustle of the boats on the water. You realise it when you are sitting at the edge of Venice and are looking out at the vast expanse of ocean.

We did a lot of looking. And a lot of sitting around and zoning out. Which was very calming.

I think the thing I found most interesting about Venice though was that it was completely a tourist town. All the people you’d see on the streets, on the ferries, in the restaurants were all tourists. It is crazy because other than the people who run the restaurants, who row the gondolas, there aren’t any locals around. The bad thing about that, besides the fact that everything is extremely expensive, is that everywhere everything is the same. There are the same Italian restaurants that serve the standard Italian dishes on every street, the same stores selling Venice’s famous Murano glass or Venetian masks. Other than hotels, restaurants and souvenir stores, there wasn’t much else. Because of this, it was lacking a sense of local culture – that immersion you get when you visit a city and try to understand what it would be like to actually live there. Everything had been shaped in order to cater to the consumer interests of the tourist. It kind of made me sad because other than the coming and going of the travellers and the wanderers, Venice was a shell of a city which was missing actual people.